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A native of Cherthala, CA Vamana Shenoy V has always been destined for greatness. Born into a lineage of skilled accountants, he completed his early education in Cherthala and soon embraced his family’s legacy, becoming a Chartered Accountant in 1999. Throughout his initial years, Shenoy was involved in diverse roles ranging from taxation, special audits, to vendor safety audits and due diligence. A notable accomplishment from this era was his central role in the statutory audit of Nationalised Banks.
But 2006 marked a pivotal shift in Shenoy’s career trajectory. Transitioning from accounting, he made a notable mark as the best real estate strategic consultant in Kerala. This journey commenced with his influential association with the Desai Group, where he held the prestigious position of Director. Yet, it was in 2022 that his passion for real estate truly flourished. He founded Turnkey Advisory Services Pvt Ltd, pouring his vast expertise into real estate strategic planning and consulting in Kerala.
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Best Real Estate Strategic Consultant in Kerala
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About Turnkey Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

At Turnkey Advisory Services Pvt Ltd, we bring two decades of industry knowledge, experience, and innovation to the table. Founded and led by CA Vamana Shenoy V, our company stands at the intersection of traditional values and contemporary real estate strategies.
Drawing from the extensive experience of our founder, CA Vamana Shenoy V, and our team of experts, we offer a collective experience that spans multiple decades, ensuring our clients receive seasoned advice and strategy.
From land acquisition to joint venture partnerships, our portfolio caters to a diverse clientele, including individual landowners, investors, and reputed builders.
Our association with leading domain experts from various fields, such as design, planning, civil, and engineering, ensures a holistic approach to each project, from inception to execution.
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  Strategists, Visionaries, Real Estate Pioneers.

Expert-Led Consultations

Guided by the expertise of CA Vamana Shenoy V and a team of seasoned professionals, clients receive counsel rooted in years of industry knowledge and practical experience.

Holistic Real Estate Strategy

Turnkey Advisory's 360-degree approach ensures meticulous planning and execution, from land acquisition to sales strategy.

End-to-End Project Management

From inception to execution, Turnkey Advisory takes the reins, ensuring projects progress smoothly and efficiently.

Explore how CA Vamana Shenoy V's expertise can redefine your real estate journey.

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Journey Through Time: CA Vamana Shenoy V

Hobbies and Passions

The Artist in the Consultant

Beyond the world of real estate and strategic consultation, Vamana Shenoy V (Sanju) embraces a vibrant tapestry of artistic endeavors. His passion for art is not just a pastime; it’s a parallel universe where his creativity knows no bounds. Sanju finds solace and inspiration in the stroke of a brush and the blend of colors.

Artistry in Every Hue
Sanju’s love for drawing and painting is a testament to his belief that art and business are interconnected, with each stroke on canvas mirroring the precision required in strategic planning. His artworks are as diverse as his professional solutions, ranging from serene landscapes to abstract compositions that capture the complexity and beauty of life.

Sanju’s artistic side brings a unique perspective to his business, infusing creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into his consultancy. It’s this blend of the analytical and the artistic that sets him apart, offering a holistic view that benefits every client and project.

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